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Whitney-on-Wye to Preston-on-Wye

This section of river is much quieter than Glasbury to Hay and really allows the paddler to experience the river Wye at its best.


The Boat Inn at Whitney makes great home-cooked food and is a great place to finish your trip. See the remains of Whitney Castle, the original castle, which was built to guard the Welsh border, was washed away by floods. So too were three stone toll bridges crossing the river to Clifford. The present bridge, part stone and part timber, dates from 1802. Traffic crossing it still have to pay the toll in the old tradition.


A beach area near the iconic Bredwardine bridge is a popular location for people to sunbathe and swim during the summertime. Accommodation is available at the following establishments:

B&B Brobury House (at Bridge) 01981 500229

B&B The Red Lion Inn (1 mile from riverside)


Just after the final little flurry of Monington falls you'll round the corner and pick up the signs for Preston Campsite. This is a great campsite which is suited to both large and small groups. The accommodating farmer is happy with open fires, as long as they are kept well under control, he will even drop off a large bag of fire wood for £3! A short walk up the road brings you to a lovely little village pub, The Yew Tree Inn serving good food and beer, not forgetting the occasional beer festival during the summer months.


Accommodation is available at the following establishments:


B&B Brobury House (Up stream at Bredwardine Bridge) 01981 500229

B&B The Red Lion Inn (Bredwardine)

 4 Bed Bunkhouse at the Yew Tree Inn


Canoeing and Kayaking between Whitney and Preston-on-Wye

Distance: 12 miles

Time: 4-5 hours in a canoe or kayak