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Preston to Hereford

From our main base of operations in Preston on Wye you will enjoy the final 12 miles of paddling before you reach the historic market town of Hereford. This is a beautiful stretch running pass beautiful countryside and if you keep your eyes open your bound to see some of the fantastic wildlife running around on the banks and flying over head. There are a number of landing sites which are close to the city centre amenities. Camping is available at the Hereford Rowing Club. Hotel accommodation, bars and restaurants can all be reached easily on foot. Hereford is a great location for stag and hen weekends.

Historic Hereford

View of Hereford Cathedral from the River WyeHereford is an historic city lying in the heart of the Wye Valley in the west of England. The city stands on the site of one of the country’s strongest castles, strategically positioned along England’s border with Wales. Hereford has a long history of battles and sieges stretching back 1000 years. Hereford also has a magnificent cathedral. Built in the 11th century, it contains many treasures. The Mappa Mundi, a medieval map of the world dating from the 13th century is housed here. Hereford is also home to the renowned Chained Library, containing over 1,400 volumes.

Present Day Hereford

Canoeing close to the amenities of Hereford city centre Today Hereford is a busy market town, the city is a pleasant blend of old and new with modern shopping blending harmoniously with historic buildings. It has a relatively small population of around 55,000 and has a vibrant business and agricultural community. Locally produced goods include cider, beer, leather goods, metal goods and chemicals.

Canoeing and Kayaking between Bredwardine and Hereford

Distance: 14.25 miles

Time: 6-7 hours in a canoe or kayak