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Hay-on-Wye to Whitney-on-Wye

There is good public access at Hay Bridge with a road leading down to the river. The distance between Hay on Wye and the Boat Inn at Whitney makes this an ideal section of the river for half day canoe trips. This location also makes a good stating point for groups wanting to avoid the busy sections of river and head towards Hereford.


For full day and camping / extended canoeing trips continue to Preston on Wye where there is an access point and camping (Wye Camp Here). The pub in the village has a friendly atmosphere and basic food for paddlers.


Hay on Wye is a very popular tourist town due to its book and antique shops and in recent years the Hay Festival of literature. It has a wealth of attractions and is a great place to wander around. It is home to great cafes and restaurants and the Shepherd’s Ice Cream Parlour.


The Boat Inn at Whitney makes great home-cooked food and is a great place to finish your trip. The remains of Whitney Castle, which was built to guard the Welsh border, were washed away by floods.  So too, were three stone toll bridges crossing the river to Clifford.  The present bridge, part stone and part timber, dates from 1802.  Traffic crossing it still has to pay the toll in the old tradition.

Canoeing and kayaking between Hay-on-Wye and Whitney-on-Wye

Distance: 5.5 miles

Time: 2 hours in a canoe or kayak